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MELANIE? promotes self-love in ‘LOVE SUCKS’

Still feeling the Valentines blues? Then do check out Canadian artist MELANIE? and her new single ‘LOVE SUCKS’, a wonderful ode to self-love and the quest to find our very own ‘happy ever after’ within ourselves.

“As a kid, we’re programmed to think romantic love means having to find Romeo or Prince Charming, but no one teaches us the importance of finding love in ourselves first” said MELANIE? on the track. ‘LOVE SUCKS’ certainly packs a lot of spirit, as her fearless vocals pair wonderfully with the vibrant guitar riffs. Plus, it has such an infectious swagger.

‘LOVE SUCKS’ follows on from YEAH YEAH’, the roaring 100K-stream debut from MELANIE? which was released last year. And on a deeper look, the seemingly anti-love song title actually reveals a really positive and caring interior. “On its surface, “Love Sucks” might read as an anti-love anthem for the broken and jaded, but in reality, it’s a love song to yourself” continued the Canadian musician.

“It’s not love that sucks, it’s the narrative and expectations around love that suck. What they need to teach you is that happily ever after has to live inside you, and being your own love story is the only route to a fairytale ending. Self love is the best love, everything else will follow.”

So, if you spent Valentine’s Day alone yesterday, or you’re just a bit fed up with the day in general, then this song is a lovely escape out of that. After all, it is a wonderful promoter of looking after yourself and exploring (and appreciating) all the other kinds of love out there.

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