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Hayden Brenen and L.D.N’s Mi Cariño Could Be This Years Despacito

Hayden Brenen and L.D.N could be on track to earning the top spot in the Latin genre for 2020. Their release follows similar track ‘Despacito’ which topped the charts monumentally last year.

It is best to serve this track loud. Also, it has a party vibe which I am sure will be echoing out of many beer gardens once the next heatwave hits. Although, slightly early with its release, it is already putting the feel-good factor back into many who are sick of the cold march air.

Hayden Brenen
Hayden Brenen

Latino Pop

“Mi Cariño” takes on a new dimension of Latin pop. The Latin pop of yesteryear influences it, but there are elements which are unprecedented throughout. Singing the lead in the track is London’s Hayden Brenen. An artist who has gone from strength to strength over the last few years who delivers a sweet vocal here. Also, he has teamed up with another Londoner, L.D.N who drops a Stella rap performance with a grime vibe.


The track is smart with its use of language. The verses are all sang in English with Hayden taking the lead. Here he expresses his fondness for a woman who dances like J-Lo. But, the chorus shows off the pairs Latino tongue with ‘Bebe puedo sentir tu cuerpo’ which translates to “Baby, I can feel your body”. L.D.N takes us into the second verse with a change of course delivering bars which would make even your grandpa tap his foot.


Overall, it is an excellent track from the pair. For me, it is a winner and I can only imagine how the video will look. Although, I am yet to find the video and I am looking forward to its release.

If you are seeking the most beautiful Latino pop, then be sure to look no further than this one by Hayden Brenen and L.D.N.

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