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ren unveils ‘I Drive Me Mad’ ahead of EP release

It is definitely an excellent time for music, with plenty of exciting new artists shaking up the industry with great material and a fantastic new energy. 17-year-old singer-songwriter ren (also known as renforshort) will be releasing her debut EP Teenage Angst on Interscope Records next week, and at the end of Febraury she released her latest single “I Drive Me Mad” – a thrilling pop anthem that addresses the impact of anxiety on teenagers today.

The track follows her previous releases, the grungey, guitar-driven “idc” and “new way”, which showcased her captivating and distinctive vocals. Ren has been compared to the likes of Clairo and Bulow, with her soft vocals and personal subject matters. “I Drive Me Mad” is really as personal as it gets, with the young musician writing about what goes on in her brain when she descends into panic. “It’s a really important song to me because it’s really a look inside my brain and the anxiety and panic I deal with nearly everyday” revealed ren. “I wrote this song after having a really bad panic attack and it made it so honest and easy to write”. Thus, since the release of her debut single ‘waves’ in early 2019, ren’s honest songwriting has really struck a chord with listeners on both sides of the pond.

Teenage Angst will be out via Interscope Records on 13th March 2020.

You can follow ren on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the cool music video for ‘I Drive Me Mad” below!

Additionally, in celebration of her forthcoming EP, ren will be performing at a couple of live shows in the US – her first. She will be in New York City on March 16 and LA on March 20. For tickets, click here.

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