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Seatbelts celebrate the unique in ‘Super Stardom’

Alternative rock quartet Seatbelts have released their brand new single ‘Super Stardom’, a celebration of the unique in an increasingly restrictive world.

Produced by Edwyn Collins (The Cribs, Little Barrie), the track is the band’s first offering of 2020, beaming with its embracing of different personas. Abi Woods’ fuzzy vocals take you through the whirls of the track’s bouncy and electrifying moods. Not only that, but the fast-paced and ticking guitar riffs propel you to revel in the track’s celebratory and rebellious nature.

Seatbelts have musicians James Madden and Ryan Murphy at the helm, who originally formed Hooton Tennis Club in 2013. Then, after deciding to form Seatbelts, the lads collaborated with Abi Woods (vocals/keys/guitar) and Alex Quinn (drums/percussion). Along with their live shows in Liverpool, band have also bagged a support slot with Boy Azooga last year.

All in all, ‘Super Stardom’ has set Seatbelts on a great course this 2020. I am looking forward to seeing what’s  next in store for the quartet!

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And check out ‘Super Stardom’ below!

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