Abby Sage Holy Water Indie Alternative pop

Abby Sage shines in debut single ‘Holy Water’

Time to introduce you to a new artist! Rising star Abby Sage has debuted with a delightful indie pop number named ‘Holy Water’. This is a track that explores the dilemma of whether you should let someone into your life or reserve that space for yourself to grow and breathe. And at the moment, we may be spending a lot of time doing the latter!

Thinking about the particular lyric “Let me breathe before you come and burn my lungs”, Abby Sage has revealed the following about the track. “I wrote this line in reference to the way I would fall into various relationships relatively unprepared without a full sense of self intact. For a while, I found myself actively avoiding love and deeper connection because I felt like I owed it to myself to prioritize my growth and my wellbeing.” Therefore, what anchors the track is not antagonism or fear, but the positive desire to work on yourself first and become the best version of you that you can be.

“When I really analyzed these feelings over summer and began incorporating them into my writing, I found balance. ‘Holy Water’ is a reminder that no matter how warm and fulfilling love can be, I am my own power first and it is my responsibility to ensure my mind and body are taken care of before pouring myself into anything else.

With that in mind, it certainly seems like ‘Holy Water’ has arrived at the perfect time. At a time where we are all staying at home, it is definitely a great track to accompany a time where we may want to work on our wellbeing and learn new things. The delightful and relaxed melodies are also perfect for a chilled evening or weekend alone. This is the first offering from Abby Sage, and I am already excited for more!

Check out ‘Holy Water’ below, and follow Abby Sage on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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Abby Sage Holy Water Indie Alternative Pop

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