OUTLINE Take On New Heights With ‘Candid’

‘Outline’ are a new band currently taking the Birmingham music scene by storm. It was the track ‘Candid’ which brought me to them, and I am grateful for receiving it.

Outline Band

I have always loved new music; the feeling of listening to something before the masses does always give me great joy. I like the exclusivity of finding a new band, and that is the exact feeling which came with ‘Outline’. They are still relatively new and have yet to find a label from what I can gather, and I am shocked. I am surprised that no one as snapped them up because their music is charming.

Their sound is a blend of Indie and Pop, but it also has a slight 80’s vibe sitting in there too. I can hear a variety of different influences here but The 1975 is an artist who sticks out to be the most similar. Even much so, It would not surprise me to see these lads supporting them in the future. How great would that be? Not only for the band but also so I can say I predicted that.


So what is so likeable about this track? Well, it is a feel-good anthem and boasts a confident and fresh vibe. It is also pleasantly memorable, and it finds a way to stick in your head for all the right reasons. Nevertheless, it is not the most original piece of music I have ever come across. A bit more distinction could have been provided. But, that is not claiming that it isn’t a great track because it is. As a result, I will be playing this one for quite some time and I imagine that I will be humming it in my head for a very long time also, ‘Candid’, welcome to the industry. You are what we needed!

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