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Drew Makes Noise unveils video for ‘Satelite’

After releasing the electrifying ‘Satelite’ last month, Belfast-based musician Drew Makes Noise has released a wonderfully entertaining, DIY music video for the single – featuring action figures of course! It’s all so chaotic and Thurderbirds-inspired, which is a plus in my book.

While he was part of the Ed Zealous Band, Drew Makes Noise supported the likes of Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club and Maximo Park. His sound thrillingly blends neo-pop with psychedelic pop, inspired Wolf Parade, Polyphonic Spree, John Grant, Mercury Rev and Tame Impala. In terms of its sound, ‘Satelite’ would especially delight fans of MGMT and Foster the People with its soaring chorus and electro-pop rhythms, though I feel like anybody could appreciate the composition of the music video.

The making of the music video for ‘Satelite’

drew makes noise satelite indie psychedelic

Following the journey of an overworked employee who decides to escape his montonous life by making his own spaceship, the music video for ‘Satelite’ is as cynical as it is humourous. Mixing the occasional live-action shot with stop motion featuring the action figure protagonist, it is wonderfully nostalgic and takes us back to shows like Thunderbirds.

The music video was also a six-month-long project for Drew Makes Noise. “This was full-on DIY,” shared Drew Makes Noise. “I disappeared for 4 full months to build a model world for characters and space ships to live in. The scene with the live-action sawing and working in the shed was like method acting, as that’s what my life was like making the video. Life was imitating art and I lost my mind a little. After each scene was filmed, I actually did some minor grieving as each time I thought a little person or thing I had created had died and left me. Now I know why actors and directors go crazy!”

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And check out the entetaining, DIY music video for ‘Satelite’ below!

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