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MarthaGunn are empowered in ‘It’s Over’

Named after an 18th century folk healer, MarthaGunn have been described as ‘Fleetwood Mac meets Haim’, with thier bouncy and warm brand of indie rock. Last week, the band released their catchy new single ‘It’s Over‘.

‘It’s Over’ is the band’s second single of the year, with its narrative of a relationshp ending following on from their previous single ‘We Don’t Need Each Other’. In this track, we hear of the protagonist picking herself up after a breakup, feeling quite strong and content about what’s to come. Feet-stomping, empowering and beeming with positivity, ‘It’s Over’ is the track to pull you through to post-pandemic times. This track will especially delight fans of Haim, as Abi’s catchy vocal hooks are a delightful earworm.

MarthaGunn had to postpone their spring tour until mid-October, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to see them live. Yet, in the meantime lead vocalist Abi Woodman has been touring Instagram, playing special sets online. Some of these sets featured the likes of William Rees (formerly of Mystery Jets), former Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn, and London indie pop bands Flyte and Bear’s Den. Also, we still have this great track to keep us going – plus many more in MarthaGunn’s stunning backlist!

Check out ‘It’s Over’ below!

You can follow MarthaGunn on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and their website.

MarthaGunn It's Over indie new music

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