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Le Fil Drops New Single ‘Undercover Lover’

New Music Friday is my favourite day of the week. The day where I get to go through and listen to the hottest tracks of the moment. This week, I came across ‘Undercover Lover’ by Le Fil, and I found myself tapping away and enjoying its Avante-Garde vibe.

It is a pop track which is relatable to many. It speaks of intimate relationships and shines the light brightly on lovers globally and not just within LGBT communities. I could not help but notice how powerful the emotion is within the vocals from Le Fil; he has delivered a cracking performance here. Nevertheless, the notes are close to falling flat in various places, but yet it does not sound bad. The vocals are what excite me most about this new release.

The beat carries the track through well. Also, the discotheque vibe is going to go down well with those looking for a spark of excitement. Especially since we are all tucked away in self-isolation. My first thought on the track when I clicked play was that it sounds like something Britney Spears would release, nevertheless as it got going I realised this is nothing short of original delivery. Yes, there are influences from some of the most reputable names in pop but yet it is Le Fil.


Also, for an artist who only knew Cantonese, until learning English by listening to Kylie Minogue, I think he has done very well. The diction is on point, the mix is tidy, and it has a breathtaking projection. Structurally, it is smart, although a little more variance in various sections could have given more flavour. Nevertheless, it is euphoric and deserves a listen.

Check out ‘Undercover Lover’ by Le Fil below.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the artist on his official social media channels.


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