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Zhaklina faces inner demons in ‘Gossip Queen’

Nashville-based artist Zhaklina is an alternative soul musician originally from New York. As an advocate of mental health awareness, her music offers a personal and inquisitive look at emotions, as well as the aspects of life that impact us negatively. Yet, her music is as empowering as it is vulnerable. This is illustrated wonderfully in her brand new single ‘Gossip Queen’, featuring and co-written by musician Bobby Spencer.
‘Gossip Queen’ is a heartfelt track about facing the inner demons that challange our very identity. It is an powerful and defiant track about remembering who we really are and knowing that we are all in this together. “I chose to focus on ‘gossip’ as the topic because it’s a common form of negative habit that can really hurt people’, revealed Zhaklina. In ‘Gossip Queen’, we are reminded that we are never truly alone.
Zhaklina’s stunning vocals definitely brighten this introspective track, leaving you clinching to the occassional strums of the acoustic guitar and moments of vulnerability that conclude each chorus. However, whereas the track begins with a stripped-back and acoustic sound, ‘Gossip Queen’ soon erupts into a powerful, strumming ballad charged by fustration and defiance. And it is this enjoyable impression that stays with you.
Check out the beautiful ‘Gossip Queen’ below. The track is also available to hear here on Spotify

More about Zhaklina

Zhaklina is an advocate for mental health awareness, donating a portion of sales and streaming revenue to non-profit organisations specialising in mental health and suicide prevention. Last year she released her debut EP 17 Reasons Why, which flipped the story of series 13 Reasons Why into one full of hope and belonging. Zhaklina is currently working on the follow-up to the record.

Check out Zhaklina and her music on Instagram, Facebook and her website.

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