Alex O'aiza Out of My Mind indie pop rock

Alex O’aiza releases alt-pop delight ‘Out of My Mind’

Dallas indie rocker Alex O’aiza is encouraging us to overcome adversity in his timely new song ‘Out of My Mind’.

Produced by Austin Bello from Dallas pop-punk band Forever The Slickest Kids, the alt-op delight ‘Out of My Mind’ shines with its poppy chorus hooks, slick guitar riffs and electro basslines. With its changing moods, the track is hypnotic and slick.

Along with Austin Bello and Caleb Turnman, Alex O’aiza co-wrote the track during his own personal adversity. “At the time I was struggling financially and artistically, and I was in an identity crisis where I questioned my resolve”, revealed Alex. “I feared I would have to put my music career and dreams on hold and put all my focus into supporting my family through some troubled times.”

“Thankfully, the process of facing that and pushing through my fears made me realise how much I love music – I love performing it, I love writing it, I love living it. I realized that if I stop my journey now, life will only add more obstacles in my way. So I decided to keep going, and ‘Out Of My Mind’ was the product of this self-realisation. I pulled myself out from the deep end and chose to keep fighting for my dreams.” Therefore, with its message of strength and hope, ‘Out of My Mind’ includes lessons we all could use to pull through.

Check out the lockdown music video for ‘Out of My Mind’ below – including many Instagram filters!

More about Alex O’aiza

Alex O’aiza is a Mexican-American artist from Dallas, Texas. His music is led by poetic lyrics exploring the Gen Z experience, socio-political issues and complex relationships in a fast-changing world. Though originally with an indie rock identity, O’aiza is admired for the way he blends pop melodies with gritty rock and alternative R&B.

‘Out of My Mind’ will be followed by a stream of new single releases from Alex O’aiza with Saint In The City Records, so watch this space! Check out Alex O’aiza’s music on Spotify. You can also keep up with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his website.

Alex O'aiza indie rock pop out of my mind

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