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Jo Mackenzie lets loose in ‘Lose My Face’

Jo Mackenzie is a 16-year-old producer and singer-songwriter from Kansas City. Last week she released her new single ‘Lose My Face’, a bubbly and electric track about letting go of your insecurities.

The track follows on her 2018 single ‘Just Like the Rain’, a track which garnered over 300,000 views on YouTube. Jo Mackenzie has a slick and mischievious sound, with the artist seeking inspiration from the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Lorde and Sigrid – and these elements to her sound are heard from the get go. As soon as the track starts, ‘Lose My Face’ unleashes its badass pop hooks and various bright explosions of its vivacious sound. Jo’s occasional rap verses are also infectious and makes the track almost impossible to resist strutting around your room to. It’s quite easy to get stuck into a rut at the moment, so it is really therapeutic to have some new music to rock out to. With ‘Lose My Face’, you can go from meh to fantastic – and that’s what great music does.

Jo Mackenzie started writing songs from the age of 7 and has been performing live since 2017. She has supported facts such as Greyson Chance, The Greeting Committee and Tommy Newport, as well as playing at The Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City. Let’s hope that the UK starts to give her some love as well, as I am sure her bubbly sound will be enjoyed by many. Joe Mackenzie has more singles releasing over the next few months, so definitely keep an eye out for this young talent!

You can follow Jo Mackenzie on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and her official website.

Check out ‘Lose My Face’ below!

*featured image credit: Kylie Porter

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