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Two Another are triumphant in ‘Stronger’

Electronic duo Two Another have released their new single ‘Stronger’. Their third release of the year is certainly their most honest and vulnerable work to date.

With a couple of rough years now behind them, the pair are now energised to be honest and prolific with their new material.  A product of this is their new single ‘Stronger’. The electronic and smooth number sees Angus and Eliot confronting the harsh realities of adulthood, mental health and parenthood. “Lyrically, the song addresses our romanticised expectations of adulthood and that moment you realise no one is there to hold your hand and you need to carve out your own path”, revealed the band. “No one has all the answers to the questions being asked, it is ok to be vulnerable and to ask for help.” The result of their shared experiences is a glistening number which shines with its electronic hooks and pondering vocals.

Angus and Eliot’s musical upbringing and discoveries are definitely what’s behind their diverse musical palette. The pair grew up during the golden era of indie, and their parents loved Motown. Once they grew up, they also developed a passion for 90s electronica, dance music and hip hop. The result? Two Another make music you can definitely groove to, but it certainly provides some ood for thought at the same time.

As with Two Another’s experience, the power of friendship can lift us through the hardest of times. And that is a lesson we can all learn now!

Check out ‘Stronger’ below!

More about Two Another

Angus and Eliot both met in Sydney under a Bag Raiders-run music programme. After bonding over their mutual love for Ableton and French Touch, the pair spent years remotely collaborating while living in seperate cities before forming Two Another in London in 2015. The band now split their time between Amsterdam and Stockholm, collaborating with artists from around the world. This gives Two Another’s fusion of soul, alternative R&B and electronica a unique flavour. To date, Two Another have been praised by the likes of Complex and Wonderland Magazine, all while receiving over one million streams.

You can follow Two Another on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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