Calboa Drops ‘Same Shhh’

Hull indie artist Calboa is back with a bang. His newest release ‘Same Shhh’ is testament to the times and delivers huge prevalence throughout.

‘Same Shhh’ speaks for today’s generation. A generation which is trying to entertain themselves through the lockdown. Nevertheless, luckily, now we have something to spark our excitement. It is a release which is shaping the artist’s career and setting himself up for great heights.

I first got sent this track a few days ago. From the first listen, I got hooked into the singer’s message. He has a point. Let’s face it; we are all living through the character of Bill Murray in the 90s blockbuster Groundhog Day. Musically, it is on point, and we have a variety of unique sounds which I do not hear elsewhere in the current industry.

Vocally, is he going to change the world? Probably not, but that is not to say it isn’t a strong performance. He often dips below key, but it is not hugely damaging, and I like his more subdued style. Also, the chorus is hugely poignant, and it hits home perfectly.

Eclectic Melody

‘Same Shhh’ contains an eclectic melody. We even hear a robotic sci-fi Esque lead within places which proves the singer is more than happy to open up his imagination within his mixes. The only slight pet hate I have is that I would have enjoyed a harmony vocal pecking away in the background. I believe the vocals would massively benefit from some background support and it could have turned this track into an even better release. Nevertheless, it works, and I like what I am hearing. As a result, I am keeping a close eye on the artist, and you probably should too.

You can listen to the new single from Calboa below. Also, keep up to date with his whereabouts on social media.

Finally, you can follow Calboa on Twitter here.

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