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Danny Wright unveils the uplifting ‘Broken Youth’

London-based pop punk songwriter Danny Wright has been regarded by the BBC as “The Prince of Pop Punk”, emerging as a new and exciting voice for rebels and misfits. His new single ‘Broken Youth’ speaks up for those youngsters who wish to be heard as he tackles his fears head on.

For ‘Broken Youth’, Danny Wright looked into the representation of his own generation for inspiration. “It’s usually people from an older generation who don’t understand the generation I come from”, revealed Danny. “So they don’t understand how I see the world and because I’m not complying, I’m considered, wrong or broken, misunderstood and isolated. I see this in the youth of today, they are growing up in a different world to their authorities from generations before, but they are still telling them how to live. This song is ultimately an anthem about breaking away from the conformities of the older generations’ ideals.”

Yet, rather than being fueled with anger, the stronger force that drives ‘Broken Youth’ is positive encouragement. Here, the singer attempts to unite the down and out and urges them to celebrate their individuality. And the track definitely packs a punch. The gritty guitar riffs and rolling drums create pure vigour, and the echoed vocals in the verses act as a cool accompaniment to Danny’s thoughts on his life and representation. Then the chorus arrives, and his vocals powefully soar. All in all, ‘Broken Youth’ is an empowering and uplifting track to provide a voice for the younger generation.

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Check out ‘Broken Youth’ below!

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