Yulanda Sabrina Oozes Quality On Debut

Ask me who Yulanda Sabrina was a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. But, now she is talk of the town and for all the right reasons.

Her latest release ‘easier’ is shining out of the R&B and Pop realm. It has a pretty mellow vibe going on with a synth taking the main focus musically. I love the use of synth, and it is great to hear lots more new releases containing the majestic instrument. For someone who loves the synth sound, I instantly fell for ‘Easier’.


Crazily and surprising, this is the first track for the singer who also hosts a highly popular YouTube channel. Why is it crazy may you ask? Well, it is rare to hear this kind of flare from an artist who has no musical footprint. Maybe she has been spending time perfecting her first track before going live. If this is the case, she has made the correct call because ‘easier’ is not just a quality release but one which is sure to have longevity in the industry.

It is not a track to play if you want to get your dancing shoes on, but if you are seeking a calming sensation, then you must get your ears wrapped around it. It is all about things meant to be getting smoother, but yet they don’t. I suppose we could relate to this during the COVID-19 pandemic which at the moment is showing no signs of an end.

Clear Diction

Lyrically, Yulanda expresses herself with clear diction, and it does not take long to get onto her wavelength. Overall, all elements in the track blend well with each other, but a few more subtle variances within the sections could have made it even more substantial.

Great track, though.

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