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Abel Razal Goes Old School With ‘Project 9’

Abel Razal combines nostalgia with contemporary on ‘Project 9’. He is the freshest pop songwriter to come out of the U.K in recent times. His music comes full of surprising elements which make him an artist you should keep close on your watchlist.

His new track ‘Project 9’ features top vocalist M.A Teuwen. The pair bring their flair to the release and both combine their strengths in harmony. Everything about ‘Project 9’ shouts quality, they have been meticulous with their approach, and that is paying off with the final delivery.


As a result, nothing feels rushed on the track. It appears the duo have sat down and worked on the structure and style in detail. How do I know? Because every element adds strength to the overall sound. It also feels as if it is in honour of the late ‘Prince’ because they have added components which I would imagine hearing on a Prince record. Not so much so that it feels like Prince was in the monitoring room. But there is a definite hint of his genius in places.

Abel appears to have a quality voice too, and although M.A Teuewen is the more powerful of the two, Abel does possess a robust vocal skill also. Therefore I would have liked to hear more of him along the journey. He only makes a few subtle appearances which you could easily miss if you are not fully concentrating. But, maybe this is intentional to add more weight within the various sections. After all, Abel must not see himself as a lead vocalist if M.A Tewuen is hogging the mic in the first place.

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Either way, I enjoyed ‘Project 9’. So much so I will be keeping it high in my music collection.

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