Gizmo Varillas Born Again

Gizmo Varillas unveils the hopeful ‘Born Again’

Indie pop artist Gizmo Varillas has released his groovy new single ‘Born Again’. Along with ‘Love Over Everything’ and ‘Saving Grace’, the new single is the third from his forthcoming album Out of the Darkness.

The new single ‘Born Again’, featured in the brand-new BBC series Alabama, is energised by its positive message of renewal. The track encourages us to keep going, as there will be better days ahead. “Born Again is about personal transformation, changing from within and giving yourself the chance to start over”, revealed Gizmo. “Even if we reach our lowest point, we can always rise up again. And in many ways, it’s about never giving up and empowering yourself to go on.” At a time like this, I think we can all agree that this is a message we all need right now.

And it isn’t only the track’s positive message that makes ‘Born Again’ a great release. The new single is a groovy pop number that gleams with CHIC rhythms and funk guitar riffs. The change of tempos thoughout are irresistable and refreshing, leaving the listener with no choice but to dance and feel good. In sum, Gizmo’s new single is a definite mood lifter and an indie pop delight!

Out of the Darkness will be out on June 5th.

Gizmo Varillas has recieved plays from 6Music, BBC Radio 2 and Amazing Radio, all while gathering over 30 million streams online. Follow Gizmo Varillas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And if all’s good by November, Gizmo Varillas will be performing at the Tiny Rebel in Cardiff on 20th.

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