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FloodHounds unleash ‘Something Primeval’

Sheffield blues punk/rock trio FloodHounds have released their unrelenting new single ‘Something Primeval’. The new release sees the band working with producer Thomas Mitchener, an occasional member of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

As a track that is already popular at their live shows, FloodHounds’ new offering explores the depths of our primeval instincts. “The song looks at our deeply buried primeval instincts, and whether we should trust them more, keeping our eyes on the prize,surviving and coming together to solve our problems”, revealed the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist Jack Flynn.”It’s great fun to play live, it’s heavy but catchy, so people seem to really get on board with it and get stuck in.”

As a band that is loved for their raucous live energy, FloodHounds’ fiery brand of blues-inspired punk shines in ‘Something Primeval’. With its unrelenting drums, fuzzy guitar riffs and alluring rhythms, the track energises you from the first to the last note. Then, once you’ve had your fun with the tantalising verses, the anthemic chrous roars with its expressive vocals and growling guitars. With every scream of the guitar and every electrifying vocal line, you are compelled to stop and listen.

More about FloodHounds

FloodHounds features Jack Flynn (vocals/gutar), Lauren Greaves (drums) and Joel Hughes (bass). Last year, FloodHounds played festival slots at the Isle Of Wight Festival and Liverpool SoundCity, along with a stream of rowdy sold-out shows across the UK. The trio have also performed with PINS, Strange Bones, Calva Louise, The Blinders, BlackWaters and Saint Agnes. In December 2019, the fuzzy and catchy release ‘Out Of Time’ premiered as BBC Introducing Sheffield’s Record Of The Week. As with ‘Out of Time’, ‘Something Primeval’ have proved yet again the band’s irresistable energy and proficiency in crafting hypnotic, guitar heavy anthems. With an official music video shot in a medival pit in Sheffield on the way, there is so much more to look forward to with where FloodHounds go next!

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Check out ‘Something Primeval’ on YouTube and Spotify below! And click here to view a cracking live session.

*Featured image credit: Lewis Evans.

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