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Shaefri teases new EP with the hypnotic ’23’

London-based singer-songwriter Shaefri has released her new single ’23’. The new track, along with the previously-released title track, will form part of her forthcoming sophomore EP Girl.

With its bewitching Middle Eastern rhythms, ’23’ shows Shaefri addressing the hurdles young adults face in society. “‘23’ is a recognition of all the challenges facing our generation”, revealed Shaefri. “We’ve got very little stability, whether it’s where you live, your finances, your mental health, your family, your friends, your career – nothing is certain and it can be really unsettling.”

Yet, the message that anchors ’23’ is certainly an encouraging and positive one. “A big part of ‘23’ is also a celebration of those years and acknowledges that it’s ok not to have everything together, no-one does, and that you don’t need to fulfil anyone else’s expectations of how you should live your life – you’re going to be fine and pursue whatever you want to – it’s your life and your choice, if you stick with it, you’ll get there.” I am sure many in their early-to-mid twenties can relate to Shaefri’s narrations on the change in friendships, our love life and our financial struggles.

Musically, the new single stands out from the crowd. Shaefri’s half-Egyptian, half-Irish heritage is at the heart of this track, where the winding rhythms and escapism sound shines. In ’23’, we are also met with harmonies that beam of the notalgic memories of family summers. The strong percussion and sentimental strings whisk you away to happier times yet still manage to keep you grounded with Shaefri’s commentary on her generation. Moreover, her vocals are captivating, lovingly guiding us though her pespective on when life is far from perfect.

This exploration will be taken further in the forthcoming EP Girl, which will feature a loving blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. “Some of the themes on Girl are quite dark and serious, but sonically, it’s all upbeat and uplifting”, revealed Shaefri. Girl follows Shaefri’s debut EP Cracks, which released in 2017. It will be out on July 1st.

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Check out ’23’ below!

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