Home State Are Smashing It With ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’

Home State are a band known well in the USA but are still rising the ranks in the UK. However, that could all be about to change after the release of their latest single ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’.

For anyone, who has never come across the New York group before, expect laser-sharp vocals and music which will grab you off your chair. Their new song brings us everything which a regular listener like myself would expect from a band of this calibre.

Home State

Rocky Pop Edge With Electro Vibe

It has a rock edge, but yet it has a very relaxed electro vibe going on within it too. The addition of keys adds enormous amounts of power to the track and opens a whole new space for Home State who are straight off the back of seeing success from previous releases. Lyrically, we hear the lead singer speak about optimism. He talks clearly about when one door closes; another one opens up. Most likely talking about an ex-relationship.

The track starts with the chorus—a decision which I feel is very bright. Post Malone often does this, and it works so well. I do not know why more artists do not do this, especially if the chorus is so huge. It not only keeps you listening, but it sticks deeper in your mind. As a result, you cannot help but find yourself coming back to it time and time again.

Nevertheless, I would have liked to have heard a little more backing in various places to open the vocals into a more extensive space. A small addition of harmonies panned left or right in multiple sections would have added even more flavour to the already strong record. Overall, barely anything to fault here on ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’. Therefore, take a listen and find out what everyone is talking about at the moment.

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