Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience Release ‘Conquer’

London is home to some of the world’s most excellent musicians. Following in their footsteps is a relatively new group called Near Death Experience. Since releasing their debut album Mouth to Mouth last year, they are now back with new music. The new track is ‘Conquer’.

They have created a sound which is reminiscent of some of the best, yet their sound is authentic. They are fans of the 70s rock scene; you can hear that clearly at many points in their music. I hear a wide range of similarities from David Bowie to Simple Minds. They have a sound which brings a nostalgic feel to my day.


What do they do best? They are great at providing anthemic choruses and melodies which stick to you like chewy gum on the bottom of your boot. Their music is infectious, and ‘Conquer’ is a track which is guaranteed to have a long shelf life. It is relevant to the modern day but yet has plenty of likeability for anybody who relishes the indie rock of yesteryear. Vocally, the band are on top form in ‘Conquer’. Ian Whiteling sings with full emotion, and he expresses his story cleverly. He speaks about a woman who conquers everything. I am sure we all know a woman like that.


A smart guitar lead opens up the piece. But we are soon in with the bang with all members adding their unique touch to the track. The drums are thumping, the bass is in your face, and the vocals smack you like a wet fish around the cheeks. It is everything which indie rock should be therefore I rate it highly in my new music finds. You can check out ‘Conquer’ by Near Death Experience below.

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