Misty Shape

Misty Shape Inspire With ‘Midnight Train’

With every new release, Misty Shape continue to suprise us. Their previous muisc certainly adopted a heavier and more energetic rock tone. Yet, their new track ‘Midnight Train’ is slower, more heartfelt and takes you on an adventure.

The new sound which the band boast is refreshing. It shows the confidence within the group to delve into new realms, and they do it very well on ‘Midnight Train’. It starts smooth but yet gets rockier as it progresses. The vocals are in flying form too with emotion dripping out of every note they perform.

Misty Shape

So what do I like most about it? The structure and the vocals are the stand out points for me. It does not get boring, and they stay away from following the same style throughout, which is great to hear. They build the song up from a minimalistic piano intro into an all guns blazing anthem. Also, the lyrics are clever. They speak about real life and provide us with an insight into the childhood they had. I like the honesty of their words, and they do not mince their words with each lyric, proving they wear their heart out on their sleeve.

The track is all about a struggle. But, yet the band are still running after the midnight train. The use of juxtaposition in the wording is smart too. The group speak about doom and gloom but yet add positive twists in places also. Overall, the sound is in top form. However, I would have liked to have heard a little more backing vocals in places because I think it could have made certain sections sound even bolder—nevertheless, great work Misty Shape. You can listen to ‘Midnight Train’ below. Also, check them out on Twitter here.

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