Calboa Brings Feel Good Indie With ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’

Calboa is a Hull musician who is taking the indie world by storm with his recent releases. Firstly, we had ‘Same Shhh’, and now we have his new number ”A Condition Called Loneliness”.

A new sound is what this delivers. Also, it is the first I have heard this feel-good indie from the musician. His previous track was more solemn, less upbeat and more in-depth within his musical thinking. But, the rhythm of ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ is different. He takes us on a new direction with a lighter and groovier feel.

The track is all about Calboa finding himself in a state of loneliness. Furthermore, he speaks vividly about his days and talks of how he is pining for lots more. Well, one thing can be sure, he won’t be feeling lonely for much longer with many fans already getting right behind this new release. Lyrically, he is smart, and although he does not hold anything back with his delivery, he keeps us guessing and leaves a lot open to the imagination when it comes to his poetic tongue.

Musically It Excels

Musically, this track excels. It starts with an edgy guitar rhythm, and this biting rhythm drives the track forward, paving the way for a killer vocal performance. Overall, he sings with plenty of poise, it is probably his best vocal performance to date, and the quality of his vocal cords is on full display throughout the entire track. The chorus is bold, and it stands out for all the right reasons. It is catchy and gripping, and it gets stuck deep inside your mind with it echoing out hours after the first play.

So, wait no longer, you can listen to the new release ”A Condition Called Loneliness” by Calboa below. Also, be sure to connect with the indie musician on his social media accounts here.

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