Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh to release new single ’17’

Ashley Singh is set for the release of his latest track ’17’. The record which comes out on the 1st July is a testament to the London based singer’s quality.

It comes with plenty of surprises which many will relish. Ashley drives home his story, and he takes us back to a time which we have probably all experienced. He sings with regret. He wishes he had found his loved one when they were younger, more accurately at 17 years old.

Musically, Ashley Singh is on flying form. His music has the contemporary feel we hear a lot in the indie charts. There is a guitar rhythm which comes with a sharp tone and a drumbeat which although, stays relatively quiet, hits at us with its backbeat structure.

Vocally At His Best

Vocally, ’17’ is for me Ashley’s best. The previous tracks were on point, but this one comes with even more poise and passion. As a result, I could almost feel the emotion within Ashley’s performance. Also, he grips at us, and it is hard to find yourself getting out of it.

The chorus is the highlight of the piece with the witty lyricism hitting home in flying fashion. Although, a little more backing vocals in places could have added even more power to the already loud sound. Nevertheless, though, it sounds anthemic, and it would not sit out of place on the main festival stage anytime soon. But, Ashley still has a lot to prove, he is still early in his career, and his next few releases will be crucial for him to cement his name even further.

Overall, it is an energetic track from the up and coming British name. He takes us back with nostalgic vibes but yet brings a new take to the genre which many have been lacking in recent times. You can listen to ’17’ by Ashley Singh below.


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