Meg Lawrenson

Meg Lawrenson Releases ‘Use My Body’

Featured image credit: Alice JL Pierre

Meg Lawrenson is captivating with her latest release ‘Use My Body’. She takes the feel-good of music and blends it perfectly with her heartfelt lyricism. Meg sings with a true grit which many do not in modern times. Also, she takes us back to a time we have most likely all experienced.

‘Use My Body’ gets underway with an indie rhythm and guitar lead which comes sharper than a serpent’s tooth. Also, she does not slow down either; her vocals bring plenty of energy, and her charisma is on display for all to witness. Vocally, she excites, and she proves her ability to vary her sound with her often transitioning between a soft and hard delivered vocal.


In the verses, shes speaks about her love encounters. Although the diction isn’t hugely clear in her opening words, she does still hit home with her message. Talking about a possible one night stand, the singer gives her all with an energetic rendition similar to what we hear from Hayley Williams of Paramore in recent times.

One thing which stands out to me is the anthemic guitar lead which plays out in the break sections; it just adds a power which I cannot fault. Also, it leads us back into Meg’s story effortlessly. The chorus is upbeat, and I am unsure how Meg catches a breath with her quickly delivered lyrics. It slows down towards the latter part of the track with Lawrenson going more angelic with her vocals. But it builds, and it builds up massively for a colossal sounding ending.

Overall, a potent release from the up and coming pop name. She is growing massively, and her sound is taking us into a realm we have been craving. You can check out ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson below. Also, check her out on her official social media accounts below.

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