No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer pull us off our chair with ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’

No Serial Killer is a project by A.K.M. He is a name which is still relatively new on the scene but yet he brings plenty of quality on this new track ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’.

The track which is taken from the group’s new album provides a myriad of likability which many will relish. It has a catchy, infectious melody. As a result, it is hard not to find yourself humming it way after the first listen, proving its unforgivable character.

Indie Structure

Musically, it is relatively generic in the sense that it follows a typical indie structure, but yet there is a blues vibe poking out too in various sections. Also, the guitar lead has a warm feel which we hear a lot of in tracks from the 70s. The lyricism is a little deep; I doubt that will come as a surprise based on the singles title.

The chorus is where the real magic happens with the female vocalist putting on a stellar performance. She sings with passion and her vocals come cleaner than a whistle. A little more grit here and there though could have added even more oomph to the already sizeable sounding track. Melody wise though, it cannot be faulted. It grips and does not let go.

One small pet hate about the track though is the repetitive backing vocal towards the latter part of the record. It just keeps repeating and it’s deafening which I believe should have been taken back down a bit. Nevertheless, it is a quality release, and although the ending does drag out a little bit longer than I would have hoped, it is a potent track which you need to hear for yourself. You can listen to ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ by No Serial Killer on the band’s official band camp page here.

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