The Koalaz 'In Her Mind'

The Koalaz mix Reggae & Indie with ‘In Her Mind’

The Koalaz are a four-piece band from the Netherlands. Their mixing of reggae and indie rock is golden and irresistable, and this has been proved with their new offering ‘In Her Mind’. The band are yet to break the UK, so I hope that their new release – as well as an enjoyable exploration into their discography – can create a compelling fanbase here!

An introduction to The Koalaz

First of all, a bit about The Koalaz. Inspired by the trippy yet chilled vibe of koalas (which, fyi, is predominately due to the eucalyptus leaves they eat), The Koalaz have developed a dancable yet tropical brand. In their music, they mix psychedelia with reggae and indie rock to create an avenue for escapism in a contemplative sphere. They are also inspired by the music scene in Australia, so their music may delight fans of Tame Impala, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Peach Fur. Thus, with their easy going demeanor and fun rhythms that are full of surprises, the band may just be what we need this summer.

The new single ‘In Her Mind’

Their new offering ‘In Her Mind’ is a dark psychedelic reggae track with an accessible and catchy indie pop sound. The release begins with hopping drums and plucked guitar riffs, thereby creating a plain of anticipation. And it is this tantalising oozing that blesses the rest of the track. Although the new release covers themes of poor mental health and drug addiction, the instrumentation sounds warm and inviting – much like a summer love song at face value. Another cool trick ‘In Her Mind’ provides is a teasing unravelling, slowly revealing the narrative that something could both be immensely attractive but dangerous to your very being. Thus, the satsfying combination of dark forboding, warm instrumentation and fluid rhythms in ‘In Her Mind’ whisk you away to another world – without the narcotics.


If this takes your fancy, I would also like to signal a couple of the band’s earlier releases. Operating on a similar musical plain to ‘In Her Mind’, I would recommend their most popular hit ‘Set in Stone’. In this 2019 single, the vocals do a great job of creating a vibrant landsape of its world in your mind. On the other hand, for something a tad more dreamy and guitar-driven, I feel that their 2020 release ‘Orange Sun’ is their strongest to date. Its chorus relaxes and grounds you with its lustrous electric guitar riffs and playful vocals. And finally, for something with a bit of pace, their 2018 singles ‘Paradise Falls’ and ‘Midnight Blue’ are led by infectious drums and instrumental interludes.

You can listen to more of their music on Spotify here.

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