Tali Shear

Tali Shear releases ‘Fool’

Tali Shear returns with her single ‘Fool’. A piano lead opens up the track before a breathtaking vocal performance from Tali who shines brightly in a distinctive light.

Based in London, Tali provides an exciting yet profound performance here. She sings about her experiences in full honesty, and she shines brighter than a beacon with each word. For me, I get the impression that Tali feels like a fool based on previous love encounters, but one thing I will be sure of is that she will not be handling a jerk like her last lover after the traction this track is getting.

Gentle Qualities

Musically, it starts with a gentle yet harrowing piano instrumental. It takes up a space of its own and stays compact in its area for the duration. We do not hear anything more in the instrumental as it progresses, but the chilled and simplistic approach works well. Vocally, Tali opens with plenty of passion and poise. She has a sentiment in her vocal, which I do not hear all too often, and heartfelt deliveries like this one only come around once in a blue room.

Yes, it is innovative, but there is a myriad of influences which make the track too. I hear an Adele vibe in places, vocally, they sound very different. But the structure and style of the record are similar. Also, there is a definite hint of Alicia Keys at times, too, with both of them sharing the same vocal technique.

Overall, it is a top-quality track from Tali Shear. She has blended the best of the greats from yesteryear but brought a whole new ball game to the party. You can listen to ‘Fool’ by Tali Shear below. Also, keep up to date with what Tali is up to by following her on social media.



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