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Filler unveil foot-tapping single ‘Pocket Change’

Filler are a lively indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, consisting of musicians William Ridzon (guitar), Cameron Morris (vocals), Joe Greenfield (bass) and Auden Stevensen (drums). Yesterday, the four-piece released their foot-tapping new single ‘Pocket Change’.

‘Pocket Change’ is undeniably a summer anthem, shining with its warm guitar riffs, dreamy bassline and soaring vocal melodies. In the band’s new offering, we are greeted with the tight rhythm sections and rolling guitar riffs that we have grown so fond of in the band’s wider discography, for example in tracks like ‘Here to Stay’ and ‘Always Wear Comfy Jeans’. Yet, ‘Pocket Change’ has another layer to its insutrumentation: the addition of the horns really help to lift the track in its elevated chorus, where the pace and urgency of the track completely shifts. And this makes the new single an exciting one – you don’t expect where it’s going  to go.

Filler entered the music scene when they performed at the Cleveland Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame School Rock-Off in 2018. After qualifying for the finals, the band started to gather an enthusiastic fan base, leading to high-octane gigs at over 25 venues in Cleveland. And while leading up to the release of ‘Pocket Change’, Filler already had a pretty good 2020. Upon releasing their single ‘Piece of You’ back in April, the song garnered over 30,000 streams in the first two months of release. Since then, the four-piece have been working on music videos and writing new material for their sophomore album. Filler are eager to get back onto the live music scene with their enegetic shows, so let’s hope it’s not too long before gigs can return safely!

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