Lime Juice

Lime Juice Release ‘Quietude’

Lime Juice are the Italian indie band who keep on giving. They are building quite a name for themselves with their edgy indie qualities. Also, their new track ‘Quietude’ is the gem we have all been craving.

This one reminds me of the indie which I used to hear years ago, it has an early Kings Of Leon vibe, and I relish this sound. So much so, I am often curious to know why more bands do not delve into this space, especially given how successful it can become. Nevertheless, the group do bring a more up to date theme too, especially with some influences from the likes of Tame Impala.


The track kicks off with the guitar rhythm strumming out. It makes for the perfect opener, and the beat which accompanies it gently leads us into an unforgettable vocal performance from lead singer ‘Allesandro’. From here, Allesandro elegantly drives the track forward with poise and confidence, which is hard to resist. He sings with his heart close to his mic, and it is evident that he gives his all every time.

For the most part, the track stays relatively chill; however, that changes rapidly towards the ending. Furthermore, the band unleash energy like never before. Especially, with a sublime finish with all the musicians thumping away on their instruments in an agile fashion. It completely changes the vibe. It makes you want to hit the local indie club with its infectious, danceable rhythm, and sharper than a serpents tooth guitar leads.

Overall, it is an indie track which deserves to get the headroom it is receiving. It stands out for the right reasons, and the majestic approach proves they are onto something. You can take a listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below. Also, be sure to follow the group on social media here.



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