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Near Death Experience Are Back With ‘Moves’

Near Death Experience are back, and they are back with an almighty bang. They keep building their sound, and this new one captivates even more.

‘Moves’ is a soundtrack for the summer. It is an indie gem and provides us with an alternative replacement to the pop we continuously get fed from the mainstream chart. It has a top-class sound, and it makes for a remarkable listen, especially if you are craving something just that little bit different.

What drew me to this band was ‘Conquer’ which the band released a few months back. That release took more of a 70s direction; however, this one sounds hugely up to date. It has all the characteristics of a modern-day rock track, and it is difficult not to cling to it with dear life with its contagious melodies and well sung vocal lines.


‘Ian Whiteling’ who fronts the group also presents an unforgettable performance on ‘Moves’. He often investigates a gritty vocal, but he unleashes his ability to smash it even more thoroughly on this track. So much so, he rarely takes a step back from the coercion, and it mesmerises. We are drawn to his delivery instantly, and once the hook is in place, you will find it near on impossible to break away, not as if you would want too, though.

Overall, it is a firm follow up single to their highly acclaimed ‘Conquer’. It also follows on the adventure in a stylish fashion; they prove that they have heaps to give and they are not slowing down with the smash hits. As a result, it makes me even more eager to hear what else they have in the store cupboard because, by the looks of it, they have plenty of treasures.

You can take a listen to ‘Moves’ by Near Death Experience here.


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