Victoria Moralez

Victoria Moralez Releases Pop Gem ‘Eyes Off The Prize’

‘Eyes Off The Prize’ is the latest offering from pop artist Victoria Moralez. Here, we delve into a new space of pop with the musician providing a lot of unique flavours the moment it hits the speakers.

Captivating us, the singer sings with a gentle approach but yet she adds the grit when she needs to with the choruses picking up pace and edge. The foundation of the track is robust, and it opens with a beat and synth lead which is challenging to resist.


There is no dissonance within her vocals, everything sits perfectly, and her excellent performance lends plenty of weight to the already colossal sound. As the track progresses, it gets even bolder, and the chorus sections grip to us instantly. But, it delves back into a quieter pace, often leaving us wondering when it is going to hit the climax. However, it never really does hit the peak although the chorus sections do arguably provide us with the excitement we crave with this type of delivery.

Overall, it is a track which is going to take Victoria to new heights. She has an evident quality, and her approach to pop is inspiring. Victoria does not stick to the status quo. So much so, I doubt you will find anything similar elsewhere within the pop space. But, is this track going to change the world? Probably not, but what it does do is provide us with a refreshing change to this popular genre. It takes us into a new space, and it is a space which I, want to stay in with its infectous hooks and mesmerising charm.

You can take a listen to ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ by Victoria Moralez below.


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