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Anna Sofia unveils dreamy single ‘Happy For You’

17-year-old singer-songwriter Anna Sofia has released a wonderfully sarcastic and dreamy new pop song. ‘Happy For You’ is taken from her upcoming EP Broken Perfection and narrates the disappointment felt when the person you like dates someone else.

“Happy For You is about this guy that I really really liked,” revealed Anna Sofia. “I was away on a family trip and in the middle of the trip found out he got a girlfriend. I was prettyyy upset. The song is me explaining that I’m happy for this guy, but then the production and the way the lyrics are sung help the audience understand that I’m being sarcastic.”

Yet, as Anna begins to change herself to get this guy to like her, the song’s message becomes one of acceptance and self-love. “I want my audience to see that and understand that changing yourself for someone to like you in any way really isn’t necessary. Surround yourself with people that like you for who you are and wanna be.”

And this is the charm of ‘Happy For You’ and Anna Sofia’s music as a whole. It is an honest, relatable and intelligently-crafted indie pop song with a wisdom that’s beyond Anna’s years. The music is also sublime for its dreamy production and fluid melodies, which perfectly complement Anna’s wandering vocals. No wonder she has over 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify already.

So, if you find yourself in a similar sitation, know that you are enough! Or, you could do what I did this week and watch The Kissing Booth 2 while eating a stupid amount of pringles. Obviously, doing both is probably your best option. The Kissing Booth 2 is a pretty great teen flick. And do you know what else is pretty great? Not beating yourself up for things out of your control! Oh if 19-year-old me could hear me now.

Broken Perfection is out on July 31st. Pre-save it here.

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