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For Sure reminisce in new single ‘Cinema’

New dream pop band For Sure have released their second single ‘Cinema‘. The new single will form part of the band’s forthcoming, self-produced EP.

The LA-based band For Sure began when multi-instrumentalist Craig Cisneroz (The Signals and In Portraits) and vocalist-lyricist Julian Curelop (Sam Slick) met via Craigslist earlier this year. Once they formed a budding friendship and shared their love for dream pop and contemporary indie, they swiftly decided to form the band. Following on from their previous release, the electric ‘Give It Up’, ‘Cinema’ was in fact the first song the pair wrote together. It is inspired by a walk Julian Curelop took during lockdown in Los Feliz, LA. As he passed local landmarks such as the iconic Vista Cinema, the track became about yearning. Whether this is for a normal life, or for us to be with loved ones once more.

With its ethreal tones and warm melodies, ‘Cinema’ would also serve as a great track for the evening walks of its listeners. It places harmonious vocals upon a medley of jangle pop rhythms, and shines as a delightful mix of a wide soundscapes, catchy pop hooks and big choruses. Also, the warm musical interludes provide invigorating moments for reflection, yearning and emotional connection. Therefore, all in all, ‘Cinema’ is a dreamy and multi-layered exploration of our experience over these past few months.

The new EP will be out in late August.

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