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snny releases ‘Postmodern Black’ single

Soulful R&B pop artist snny has released his new single ‘Postmodern Black’. The new single, released on Radio Silence, will form part of his upcoming debut album.

‘Postmodern Black’ promotes independence and the power of the free-spirit. “‘Postmodern Black’ is, to me, a sonic manifestation of my own self-reliance,” revealed snny. “It’s almost a superpower to be able to trust your instincts, and I wanted to render that notion with melody and instruments.  As a young African man creating in this era I have a responsibility to my kinfolk to champion independence and fortitude during these divisive times.  The title of the song is inspired by an essay written by bell hooks in 1990 called Postmodern Blackness.”

With ‘Postmodern Black’, in true snny fashion, the soulfulness of R&B has been wonderfully weaved into the infectious pop hooks. His soft vocals shimmer over the track’s tight bassline in a charming manner. And with its groovy licks and dancefloor tempo, it almost has a classic, warm 90’s feel to it. The synths play a lovely role in this sound too. They are cheerful, effervescent and carefree, making it almost impossible to bop along and lose yourself. Therefore, ‘Postmodern Black’ will delight fans of Justice, The Weeknd and Tame Impala.

snny has previously worked with SHAED in ‘You Got Me Like’ and the single ‘Wild’ has been featured on the legal thriller hit series How to Get Away With Murder. On his latest EP, collaborators included Alex Mendoza (producer of the hit ‘Trampoline’ by SHAED), Scott Hoffman (Scissor Sisters) and Starchild & The New Romantic, who has worked with acts such as Toro y Moi, Solange and Blood Orange. With features on radio stations such as Triple J, KCRW and CBHA-FM, so far sunny has garnered over 12 million streams across platforms and 110,000 followers on Spotify. I’m sure with the release of ‘Postmodern Black’ and his upcoming debut LP, sunny’s following will continue to soar.

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