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Troi Irons shines in powerful new single ‘Thorns’

LA-based singer-songwriter Troi Irons has unveiled her new release – the powerful and dynamic single ‘Thorns’. Upon listening, you will be itching to add this artist to your indie collection.

Through the luscious new release, Irons explores her own femininity and the journey to embrace one’s vulnerability through music. “There’s a scripture where Paul mentions a thorn in his side, this constant torment. That’s where I am now,” revealed Irons. “The things I feel now and the things I was taught growing up – they don’t line up. It’s like a constant war in my head and I’m not even sure what ‘winning this battle’ looks like. I think a lot of people have a similar kind of war. There’s that cycle of the feelings then the guilt, the fear, some denial.”

In the cathartic and empowering ‘Thorns’, Irons’ haunting vocals sweep across the creeping guitar riffs and striding keys, leading to an eruption of stirring passion in the chorus that captivates your attention. Then, the track shifts into its ground-shattering climax with the introduction of those gritty electronic guitar riffs and aggressive drums that transport the listener to the core of the psychological battle. Therefore, with the rich rock anthem palette and twists and turns of her new release, Irons has proved yet again that her brand of indie is invigorating, refreshing and unforgivingly authentic.

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More about Troi Irons

Irons discovered her passion for music as a child, growing up with Eddie Irons (drummer of 70s jazz-funk band Brick) and 80s pop singer Anne G as parents. Her rock journey began at the age of 11 at the receipt of a very special present from her grandparents – her first guitar, where she learned how to play ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day. Then, she proceeded to immerse herself in the joys of classical instruments as well as the ins and outs of rock music.

Apart from writing scrumptious guitar tracks such as ‘miss u now’ and ‘FLOWERS’, the multi-instrumentalist has also appeared on tracks from Grammy Award-winning artist Lupe Fiasco, DUCKWRTH and Tom & Hills. And in 2016, her discography reached new heights with the relase of her EP Turbulence via Def Jam. And her story doesn’t even end there. Very soon, we shall see the release of her sophomore album FLOWERS – so keep an eye out!

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