HAUSKEY Slow debut single Australia

HAUSKEY debut ‘Slow’ goes global

Australian psych-pop musician HAUSKEY has recieved warm praise for his single ‘Slow’ across Aussie radio stations such as Triple J. Now, the single has debuted globally via Slowplay and Republic/Polydor Records, with hope of gathering a more international audience.

As a colourful song of endless possibilities, ‘Slow’ allows you in sit back, relax and sink deep into its world of human connection. ‘Slow’ is a colourful song of endless possibilities. Here, HAUSKEY has taken inspiration from Tame Impala, Kevin Abstract and Mac DeMarco for how the track oozes and swims around your consiousness. The track whistfully glides from thought to thought, jumping from one psych pop beat to the next. HAUSKEY’s fluid and poetic vocals also add a lovely touch to the intoxicating riffs and their evolution.

HAUSKEY has also announced that his debut EP is on the way, so watch this space. I am loking forward to hearing what else he has in store!

More about HAUSKEY

HAUSKEY’s musical journey is certainly a unique one. Andy (who operates under this moniker) began his passion for music when he found a John Coltrane record in his mother’s record collection. In particular, it was the song ‘Naima’ which really kicked off his imagination.

Then, at the age of thirteen, he started writing his own songs. This led to his spell at the highly competitive Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, which showcases an impressive alumni including Hugh Jackman and Frances O’Connor. As he struggled to collect the funds for full-time study, Andy decided to start up his own fully-staffed, multi-branch  music school – which hosted 500 students in total! However, it wasn’t long before he wished to craft his own path in the music industry. After a less than successful run in London, he returned to Australia to have another go at a music career in his home country. There, he retreated to a rural farm to write more music from his van. There, that’s where HAUSKEY’s journey began.

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