Lydia Singer

Lydia Singer Captivates With New Single ‘Lemme Know’

Lydia Singer is making giant leaps with her new single ‘Lemme Know‘. It is a single which takes on a new route within the pop hemisphere, and it comes with a beautiful quality which is irresistible.

Taking a hint from some of the greats in the game, Lydia has developed a sound which is unique to herself while staying true to the modern industry. She sings with a sharp tone which radiates like a beacon. Also, her lyrical tongue rises to the occasion with her delivering a message which many will connect with instantly.

Musically, the track is a hybrid of what is leaping out of the current pop chart while also taking influence from hits from yesteryear. Furthermore, the intro comes with a serene factor which brings us to a sunny isle with its tropical aura. A beat then leaps out with a thumping rhythm, and it would get even your grandparents tapping their foot to its arrangement.

A variety of sounds also jump out as the mix advances. The sounds we hear are not contemporary, but I enjoy them. Moreover, I doubt you will listen to a cowbell on a modern pop track, and if you do, please send it my way.

The leading hook on this track is what makes it what it is. Lydia glistens with her performance, and her melody leaves a long-lasting impression. However, this is not the first time that Lydia has created a hook which is hugely dominant with her previous releases also following a similar pattern.

Overall, ‘Lemme Know’ opens our eyes to modern UK pop. It comes just that little bit different, and it is most likely why Lydia is rapidly pushing forward in this competitive industry.

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