LZYBY Brings A Nostalgic Feel With New Single

Pop vocalist, LZYBY is back, and he is back with an almighty bang with his latest release ‘Frustration‘.

Taking us on an adventure from the start, ‘Frustration‘ ticks all the boxes for any avid popular music fan. It comes with a sweet tone and texture, which will have you coming back time and time again, and the quality which is on display is inspiring.

Starting is a synth lead which rises to the top. A thumping beat then leaps out with an omnipotent bass riff matching its every move. The bass is reminiscent of tracks from the 80s, and the majority of the music section could easily have come from an 80s pop or dance track.

However, vocally, LZYBY keeps it current with a fresh angle. He sings with charisma, and he gets his message across very quickly. Speaking about modern times, he reflects how people from another generation may dislike him. For me, I enjoy the lyricism direction because I am yet to find another track which follows a similar pattern. As a result, it proves that the singer can be versatile with his poetry, and he demonstrates that being a strong storyteller is just as important as being an influential singer.

The music on ‘Frustration‘ grows as the track plays out. Ultimately, a myriad of sounds all come together before taking us back to down earth with a bridge which centres all the attention on the vocal. Also, for the most part, the track stays relatively gentle and steady, but I would have enjoyed a more colossal section with all the sounds picking up the pace and providing even more energy.

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