Jameel Mason

Jameel Mason Releases ‘Quarantine Mami’

Jameel Mason and Alix Ford return with a collaboration which had had me stuck to it since the first time I hit play. Furthermore, the New Jersey star takes a new path in pop, fusing a unique flavour with his infectious sound.

It kicks off with a rising opener which gets to the melting point quickly with a sublime vocal from Alix Ford. Jameel then pushes forward with a top-class rap performance. He raps with integrity, and I can almost feel his emotion with him providing a sentimental delivery.

The story of the track is poignant. Especially, given that we are all going through a crazy period. Jameel expresses a message about wishing to spend more time with his lover. Furthermore, his statement relates to anyone who has been in lockdown (pretty much all of us).

Alix Ford also carries a meaningful story with her relaying her communication straight back at Jameel. It is a two-way dialogue between both the artists. As a result, it feels as though we are listening to a telephone communication between them with both parties offering a considerable sense of admiration.

Taking influence from the greats in the genre, Jameel Mason still manages to stand out on his own two feet. Yes, he does sound similar to those at the top of the game. But he also a distinct timbre which makes him shine like a beaming light. Also, his style is not a replica. Instead, it is more of an adaptation of what works so well in the industry.

Overall, a smash hit from Jameel Mason and Alix Ford. I imagine this one will be around for quite some time.

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