WOLFBERRY Drops New Track ‘Let’s Make Fire’

WOLFBERRY is taking over the pop realm with her latest release ‘Let’s Make Fire‘.

The single is the first track I have come across from the Russian native, and it is everything which you would come to expect from a modern pop heavyweight. Her delivery is mindblowing, especially given that she has so little tracks under her belt already. Also, her style takes a new route taking hints from a myriad of sources.

Let’s Make Fire’ is fierce! It has a nail-biting texture which grips. Also, the arrangement is unconventional, given that it sounds like a soundtrack to a film. It starts with an orchestral opener which comes with massive effect. It then slows down ahead of WOLFBERRY’s vocal performance. Her delivery is impressive with she sings in a theatrical style. Her conviction is sharp, and she resonates with heaps of emotion. So much so, I can almost reach out and touch her passion.

The musical power returns in the chorus with WOLFBERRY pushing through with charisma. WOLFBERRY sings with her all, and she puts her strength on display with her reaching high. I also enjoy the nuance in her harmonies, the harmonies often switch shape, and they echo out in the background adding even more weight to her already powerful sound.

Towards the end, we hear a synth lead which comes with a 60s influence. Also, WOLFBERRY captivates yet again with one of the most beautiful finales I have listened to in recent times.

Overall, ‘Let’s Make Fire‘ is the gem which keeps on giving. So much so, I find myself gravitating more towards her space, the more I listen. For me, that proves her quality and I will be coming back to this hit for a long time to come.

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