Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Releases ‘Spiritual Level’

Having never come across Amanda Marie Wilkinson previously, I was unaware of what to expect once I received her new single ‘Spiritual Level‘. But, I have to say, it blew me away. Not only is the track courageous, but Amanda’s approach to music is revitalising.

Spiritual Level‘ carries an electronic foundation which grips instantly. Furthermore, I relish how the up and coming artist combines a dance direction with a contemporary pop aura. So much so, it makes for an almighty hybrid with a sense of nostalgia popping out also for good measure.

For me, I can hear an Ibiza style dance influence as the track progresses. Especially within the rising synth accompaniment which glides through the mix with sharp quality. Also, the bass line takes us down an electronic route with it thumping hard. But, I would enjoy the bass riff to be a little more subterranean as I believe it would add even more oomph to the entire piece.

Vocally, Amanda Marie Wilkinson rises to the occasion in style. Moreover, she sings with a sharp tone which is most likely a result of the heavy use of the harsh vocal effect. At times it feels as though it is too crisp for the mix causing the track to sound a little too distorted. However, beneath the vocal effect, we do hear an angelic delivery from Amanda, and she sings with gripping confidence. Also, she gets her message across, leaving no room for any dissonance with her performance dropping an indent which is hard to shake off.

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