Tanaka Makoni

Tanaka Makoni Returns With ‘The Streets’

Tanaka Makoni is back in quick succession with her new release ‘The Streets‘. Furthermore, the track leads on from her previous hit, ‘Lust‘ and it ticks the boxes for any pop and rnb enthusiast once again.

It all kicks off with a peaceful overture with a gentle guitar rhythm which arrives with a fearless quality. Tanaka then jumps out like a jack in a box with a loud and sharp vocal performance. She gets her message across from her first lyrical line “When I Was Younger, I Wore My Wombs Like A Suit Of Armour.’ From this opener, we instantly realise that Tanaka is speaking about the truths of her earlier years.

As the track progresses, Tanaka’s message becomes even more in-depth, and she leaves no room for any ambiguity. Also, she boasts a soothing quality which grips me time and time again. As a result, Tanaka proves that she is one of the freshest singers to propel herself from the underground, and there is no reason why she cannot compete with the greats at the top.

The chorus is the real breadwinner for me. It has a contagious hook, and the melody leaves an indent. Additionally, I enjoy how the arrangement regularly changes shape with the pace taking a step back to make way for Tanaka to take even more of the focal position.

Musically, the foundation is potent. It carries a piercing character, and the beat hits with omnipotent flavour. Also, Tanaka introduces a variety of new sounds, including a brass section which echoes around in the background.

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