Minna Ora

Minna Ora Drops ‘Sea’

Minna Ora is back with her new release, ‘Sea‘. It is a tranquil release with a real sense of the ocean with her vocals gliding through with sharp and refreshing quality.

It kicks off with a crushing instrumental with the beat flowing to the contagious melody. A guitar which has a folky aura then pops to the top of the mix, and it strums away soaked in chorus effect. Minna then rises to the occasion with a mesmerising vocal performance.

At times, Minna sounds as though she should be in the theatre with her style reminiscent of the great plays. Also, she gets her message across instantly by letting go of her feelings and her emotions flow into the tide.

As the track progresses, Minna gets us gripping on like a bikers glove with a performance which is comparable to the likes of Kate Bush and the other greats in this indie-folk field. However, Minna is no replica with her distinct qualities blossoming as she sings through her heartfelt vocal. Also, I enjoy how the pace picks up rapidly, and the structure regularly changes, giving the track an exciting edge from start to finish.

Overall, ‘Sea‘ is one of a kind. Also, given that this track is the first to come my way from Minna, I have to say I feel that I have known her for years. Her diction is on point, and she carries herself with an undeniable charm.

So, what is next for Minna? Hopefully more gems like this one as we head into 2021.

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