Freya Alley

Freya Alley Is A Free Spirit On ‘Big Wild World’

Freya Alley is making a big noise with her fresh release ‘Big Wild Wild‘. The power she provides drives the track forward, and the energy within her performance is stimulating.

Big Wild World‘ is a nail-biter from the first second. It has a harrowing quality which is spooky yet commissioning at the same time. The music is solemn with striking emphasis on the notes. Yet, the higher-pitched piano notes bring a new flavour to the mix, offering more sanguine sentiment.

Getting underway in style, Freya jumps straight into the mix with her vocals accompanying a melodic piano arrangement. Freya hums her way forward in the overture, but she rises to the top in verse with a delicate performance. She sings with an empyreal texture, and her theatrical approach gives the track even more vitality.

The structure of the track is unique, given that it regularly changes shape. In the first half, it appears that the chill, more laid back vibe will be the constant. Nevertheless, as it reaches the midway point, the movement shifts and a drum rhythm appears, and it gives the mix a whole new lease of life. Additionally, the instruments pick up in pace, and the momentum carries on towards the closing note.

Overall, Freya proves her talent on this delivery. Her vocals glisten, and she delves into a revitalising individual space given the number of new tracks that sound very similar. Also, the atmospheric vibe she brings to the table is interesting, and it provides something just that little bit different, which is vital for a singer who is rising the ranks in the music business. But will it be enough to take her to the top? Only time will tell.

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Listen to ‘Big Wild World’ here.

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