Rick Rutherford

Rick Rutherford Releases ‘Words’

Rick Rutherford leaps forward with a giant step with his latest indie release ‘Words’.

Colorado-based Rick brings back the feel-good indie rock with a modern touch, and he drives his vision forward with confidence. He takes no hostages with is approach either with him getting straight to the point with his unforgettable performance leaving an indent like no other.

Vocally, Rick has an edgy style which leaves him standing out to his competitors in the modern space. His tone brings grit, and he articulates with a unique yet nostalgic way. Furthermore, his influence plays a vital role in his approach, yet he creates a novel position of his own, innovative and outside of the box.

His story is tangible, given that he speaks about a topic which many will find relevant. He cherishes his lover, and he will do everything he can to express his deep-felt emotions. He isn’t beating around the bush either with him outlining everything clearly. Also, the story comes different from the ubiquitous indie love stories which consume the modern game. Instead, it is personal, and Rick leverages his ability to be true to himself.

Musically, the guitar is lofty with a crunch, making even the least enthusiastic guitar aspirants reach for their six-string. The drum rhythm possesses a cadence which gives the entire track a sturdy foundation. It also complements the bass which rides forward with a meaty texture. Nevertheless, the track could have been even more significant with the bass sounds taking more of a focal position.

Overall, ‘Words’ is the indie treat which has been a long time coming. It hits the nail on the head, and the passion which Rick possesses is inspirational.

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Listen to ‘Wordshere.

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