Josiah Mortimer

Josiah Mortimer Releases ‘This Town’

Brixton acoustic guitar player and vocalist, Josiah Mortimer releases a striking new EP, and he keeps the pandemic heroes at the forefront of his mind.

This Town‘ is a finely-calibrated four-track EP, and Josiah dedicates it to all those going above and beyond during these uncertain times. Also, the track’s proceeds help feed the most vulnerable in society and every penny raised is going to FareShare.

The lead track on the EP is also titled, ‘This Town‘ and it is potentially the most masterful out of the four. Yet, all the other tracks do provide a quality which is inviting. Nevertheless, ‘This Town‘ hits home with a message which pretty much everybody will find relatable.

A sophisticated guitar rhythm flows out of the overture. A fingerpicking style also stuns with Josiah’s delightful approach soaring with unique stanza. The guitar boasts a bluesy rhythm with a warm tone driving the path forward, and the timbre brings a timeless dimension which never gets old or monotomous.

Vocally, Josiah Mortimer is mesmerising with a well-rounded vocal performance. He brings an emotionally-rich style that pierces the heartstrings with his influential storytelling ability thrives as the track progresses.

Lyrically, Josiah speaks about how the cities were once a rat race but are now a quiet haven without day-to-day travellers’ madness. The lyrics are slightly ironic; though, it feels as though they are looking at the cities in the sense of new beauty. Almost as if it is a better alternative for the major cities. Depending on how you interpret it, he does have a point; the towns are majestic when you are not getting trampled on, especially in London.

You can visit Josiah Mortimer on Bandcamp.

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