Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas Gets In The Groove With ‘Got This Feeling’

Thomas Atlas shines with multi-colour on his brilliant new poppy funk track ‘Got This Feeling‘. The record is the first release in 2021 for the Birmingham native, and he smashes the ball well and truly out of the park here.

A trailblazer for 2021 new music, Thomas expresses himself with delight, and he takes a giant leap forward with a track which is undoubtedly going to echo out for quite some time. It is a treasure of exquisite quality, and the track arrives when it is needed the most.

It kicks off with a drum rhythm which instantly sets the bar high. Thomas rises to the top quickly and does not hang around with him getting straight to the point. Cleverly, he takes a route that is becoming very popular with musicians starting with the lead hook. It is a trick which cements the hook deeply, and it does just that and very quickly. So much so, it is difficult to shake it off once it hits.

Vocally, Thomas is a force who nobody can hold down, he is fearless with his vision, and he surprises many with a performance which rivals some of the biggest stars at the top of the chart. He surrounds himself by feel-good vibes, and it pays off with the positive sentiment evoking similar emotion from the listener. Furthermore, the music foundation is cheerful with an electric range of instruments joining the adventure.

It is not just the influential guitar rhythm and nail-biting bass which excites either, the brass section is cohesive, and it makes the track what it is, a truly memorable gem which can do little wrong.

You can listen here.

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