Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt Speaks The Truth About Modern Society With New Release

Sabi Pitt can do little wrong with his release hitting all the right notes, and he gets his message across clearly about changing the world. He wants to see change fast, and if more people adopt his mindset, the world would likely become a better place.

Fusing many genres into one, ‘Change The World‘, which is the new release from the Caribbean musician, takes leaps and bounds instantly. It kicks off with a guitar rhythm that strums alongside a harmonically-rich synth lead. Sabi then leaps forward to the mic, and his vocal cadence matches the rhythm of the instrumental with it bringing a joyous groove to the forefront. Also, he does not shy away from telling the truth with thought-provoking wordplay.

Vocally, Sabi has a reggae influence, and he takes a hint from some of the reggae greats like Bob Marley. Yet, he uses his influence moderately. Also, he provides a unique angle, too, with plenty of unorthodox hooks rising out of his vocal performance. Nevertheless, it would be great to hear a little more diction within the backing accompaniment as they get somewhat lost in the mix.

Overall, ‘Change The World‘ by Sabi Pitt is one of those tracks which is timeless. It has a modern feel, but it brings nostalgic elements too, which provides something for everybody. Also, the lyrics pierce the heartstrings with an honest picture of what is going on in the world.

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